Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
Outside my window... cloudy and rainy. ::exhale:: It's only June and already I hate the heat.
I am thinking... how Ryan woke up with stomach issues. I hope they don't stick around. It'd be awkward to bring a barf bag to a graduation ceremony. (my niece, Kristy)
I am thankful for... being able to go to my niece's wedding in Indiana. It was beautiful. I am not the 'cry at weddings' type, and I didn't cry.....until I saw the pictures afterwards. I'll do a picture entry later on....
I am wearing... jeans and a t shirt
I am remembering... how beautiful the churches in Arkansas were...
I am going... to Kristy's graduation tonight. Hopfully, after that, we'll have a little down time...
I am currently reading...a book about the Amish. I forget the name of it.....I just started it...(bummer that I didn't see any Amish on the trip! Although, I did see some Mennonites at McDonalds......lol)
I am hoping... Adrian has fun at his swim classes tonight. aaaand hopefully, he doesn't end up swallowing a bunch of water and throwing up in the pool.
On my mind... these stupid acrylic nail are annoying the crap out of me.
Noticing that... all is right with the world for me :)
Pondering these words... "I gotta go see Angie so I can dance again!" ~Alex (He was dancing and dancing at the wedding. I just stood there with my mouth open. This child does not dance in public and then....there he was...)
From the kitchen...fast food tonight for Kristy's get together, probably tacos the day after......
Around the house... same old same old.......just trying to keep a step ahead of Sancho's insane shedding. I vaccuum every other day because of all the white fur on the carpet!
One of my favorite things.....is spending time with my sister in law. (See below)
A picture I'm sharing...

This is my girl! :)
...and there's this week's Daybook! ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ has more Daybookers.....go check it out!!!


  1. What a beautiful pair you are!! I always love to read your daybook Amy! YOu know, you don't post near often enough in my opinion! Love your smile. It's contagious! xxoo

  2. I always love the Daybook entries. You're lookin good in that picture!

  3. My! What a gorgeous pair you are!
    Look at you with a BIG happy smile too.
    I did enjoy reading your Day Book.
    Hope you get used to those acrylic nails. lol
    Jeanie xxxxx

  4. As synchronicity would have it I am reading a book about Mennonites.

  5. Mennonites at McDonalds

    I want a picture. ~Mary

  6. The Menonites at McDonald's always crack me up. Or maybe it's the Amish -- anyway, to come to Micky D's and see the wagon outside just seems not to fit! (Loving their strawberry lemonade!)

  7. Happened upon your blog and LOVE the "Daybook." I think I must join you and post one myself!


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