Tuesday, June 22, 2010

::yawn blink::

What day is it?! Where am I?! Why am I still in my pajamas?! Did I eat today?! Why is the sun out?! ::blink::

Ah, summer.....it brings out the brain dead in all of us.....


  1. You are silly! But I like you!!!!!

    Rise and shine my friend and have a lovely day!
    Jeanie xxxxx

  2. So true! In my case, I blame it on too much sun...or not enough, depending on the day.

  3. That Texas heat could make Einstein dumber than a fifth grader. Well, perhaps I should speak for myself...any temp over 80 and I am in a constant stupor. Turn up the a.c. and have some sweet tea and all will be well.xo

  4. I'm with ya! I think it's the heat. It's hotter than heck here, so I know it is hot in Texas!

  5. Awww, this one should be framed. Yep, it's a keeper. What a cutie-pie!

    Have a great day!@

  6. Stop drinking wine coolers so early.

  7. I hear ya... summer is great!! I'm so glad school is out!!! Going to take another nap now... LOL
    Lisa in kentucky

  8. Oh so true. I woke up this morning at 6:00 a.m. and was snoozing until 9:35 a.m. Had to be at work at ten! LAZINESS I tell ya'.

  9. Yours? He's absolutely adorable!

  10. I have to consult my phone and/or computer to figure out what day it is. I mean, I could look at the calendar, but all those little boxes just run together when there's no point of reference.

    If the dogs don't stop waking me up so early, they're going to find themselves sleeping outside (then, of course, they'd just bark all night until I let them in, but I digress.)

    Also, I'm thinking Arby's. Too bad it's closed this time o' night.

    ~Emily, who has to sign her name to the comment because freaking GOOGLE has decided that my credentials are not to be trusted.


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