Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cows Don't Need Sunscreen...

.....but I do. You'd think I would learn.....

Day on the river = awesome

Sunburn, though.........notsomuch

But, y'all know me.....I can't just follow the norm.....

Some people get burned on their nose....

Some people get burned on their shoulders......

But me?

I had to get burned on my knees. Isn't that the dumbest thing?!

Jesse's shop had a get of the coworkers has a place on Rio we hung out all day in the river. It was private and secluded... So secluded that we had to drive through the boonies and dirt roads and hay fields. Hay fields where the cows were grazing. They were not as impressed with us as we were with them, however.

This cow is saying something not exactly family-friendly. Also, she said "Moo." in a very annoyed way. You know we don't live in the country when we're like "oooooooo.....cows!" and they're like 'Gahhhh....go the hell away already!"


  1. totally laugh at the cow sentiment.
    I grew up seeing lottsa cows so Im almost at the MEH go away already :)

    the child?

    **scurries to pack her sunscreen for the day**


  2. Don't much like cows myself. Slap slap slap on the sunblock :-)

  3. Cows also don't respond when you honk at them because they know it makes us feel dumb.

  4. Cows don't need sunscreen because their skin turns to leather. You don't want skin like leather. Slather on the sunblock, my sister in sun intolerance.;-)

  5. Who gets burnt on their knees? That is awful!!

    Just came across your blog and though I'd say hi :)

  6. LMAO! Sorry to be laughing at your entry but it reminds me of my dad. He always gets sunburn really bad on the top of his feet.

    I burn really easy too. I've learned to cover up and use sunscreen.

    I hope you're not hurting to much.

  7. OMG Amy....I can feel that burn all the way up here in Wisconsin!! ouch!!!

    Put some vinegar on it...will take the sting right'll smell like a salad but......


  8. That looks extremely painful!


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