Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Could Do Without The Honesty

Let's set the stage for this story, shall we?

There are 6 (six!) dirty dishes from last night in the sink. Adrian comes over to the sink, coughs, and says "What's that smell?!"

I'm thinking......"Oh....maybe some vinegar from the chicken?" (hot wings....vinegar in the hot sauce)

He says "Oh. I thought it was cat vomit."

Um. My cooking smells like cat vomit? Nice.


  1. Cat vomit? WTH? C'mon, Adrian. Be nice.


  2. This sounds exactly like the kind of thing you would hear at my house... are you sure we are not related?

    I'm looking at the Riverwalk photo on your sidebar and can remember it so well though my time there was over 14 years ago. It was the first place I ever tried a sangria-- and the best sangria I have ever had since. What a great photo and good memories!!!

    Say, have you been down to visit the Alamo yet? The houses near there were fantastic to look at. I could see them from the parking area and didn't want to leave to see the famed Alamo. Wanted to imagine what families lived inside those big houses. But the Alamo was really amazing too!!

    My Nick was baptized at the beautiful and very historical looking Methodist church downtown near the Alamo or not far from it... when he was just about two weeks old.

  3. Amy, you left out the part where Adrian must have offered to simply wash the six dishes instead of complaining that, after cooking a meal for him, you didn't get the dishes out of the sink fast enough. (If he did forget this important step, perhaps a week of being responsible for his own meals - planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up afterward - would be a helpful reminder to him.)


  4. I make vegetables with a peanut sauce that looks like cat vomit.
    I think we are even. ~Mary

  5. If I were you when they ask what was for dinner I would tell them, "cat vomit".

  6. Sounds like my son! He'll come in and say, "What stinks in here?" while I'm cooking. UGH!


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