Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... September 7, 2010

Outside my window... is rain and wild wind. Hurricane remnants, I guess, but what a relief to be able to breathe. I really cannot take much more hot weather. I may go to bed and cry if tomorrow turns out hot.

I am thinking... how I should be happy, because this is *my* kind of weather, but I can't stop thinking about Paco. I know it is a great sacrifice to put anothers' needs above your own....and that's what we did with Paco, but it still sucks ass.

I am thankful for... my pets. So...so..thankful.

I am wearing... brown capris...pink sleeveless....socks

I am remembering... taking Paco to the park. He has always loved going to the park.

I am going... nowhere I know of....I don't have any plans for the week
I am currently reading... a book about backyard homesteading
I am hoping... for more rain and lower temps.
On my mind... Paco
Noticing that... my dogs won't go outside to pee if it's raining.
Pondering these words... "This is a really nice park! Except for the drug dealers over there....and um.....that guy sleeping in his car...." -Ryan
From the kitchen... uch.....I don't even want to think about it.
Around the house... always a mess.... *shrug*
One of my favorite things...when I go up to take a nap, all the dogs come up with me. None of the dogs, however, will sleep in Paco's bed anymore. They used to sleep on his bed with him all the time. Now? Nope.
A picture I'm sharing...

Gordo loves his big brother so much...
and there's today's Daybook. Sorry it's such a downer.....
more Daybooks here, though.....~The Simple Woman's Daybook~


  1. What a cute photo!!! So glad you are getting some rain to cool things off a bit! I remember how hot Texas was... my entire pregnancy with Nick was there and it was SO hot; I was miserable. I craved Wendy's burgers and frosties during that whole time.

  2. PS Tell us more about the backyard homesteading book please!! That sounds REALLY interesting!!!!!!!

  3. *sniffle*

    Damn allergies makin' my eyes water...

    -Emily, who is absolutely NOT crying. Nope.


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