Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today....which is the 29th of September, but since I was supposed to do this yesterday, late and a dollar short. What's new?

Outside my window... sunny and hot. 90 degrees. *hiss*

I am thinking... I really need a massage. We went to the beach this past weekend, and since the van was packed....I was sitting in the back. For 3-4 hours each way. With three other people. I'm pretty sure I pulled something.

I am thankful for... the quiet time I'm getting today. Ryan took the boys and went....somewhere.

I am wearing... a thong and pasties. Well, hey.....I AM by myself, you know!

I am remembering... that at the beach, my FIL, who wears glasses but was not wearing them that day, was collecting shells. He bent over to pick up a perfectly round shell, only to discover it was seagull crap.

I am going... nowhere for the rest of tonight. We picked up Ryan's bridesmaid dress and that was it for today.

I am currently reading... nothing, but I'm still into my crossword puzzles. I'm hoping to revive some of those dormant brain cells.

I am hoping... that it cools down quickly. Seriously, how much more do y'all want to hear me bitching about the heat?! omg....

On my mind... I know I'm going to find the spot where Sophie decided to pee while we were gone. She wouldn't go outside for Diana. Matter of fact, she hid under the armoire sulking. (um. the dog, not Diana)

Noticing that... the washer stopped running. meh. gotta get up and put it in the dryer...

Pondering these words... It was hot in the van when we first started back home from Port Aransas. We were kind of sticky and sandy and miserable. We got in and my brother broke his sunglasses. Then Ryan broke something... I said "Man....everything it getting broken....Ryan's stuff....sunglasses....." Adrian says "Our souls....."
ROFL....he has a hard cynical life.

From the kitchen... taco salad tonight. It's a copycat recipe for Taco Bell meat. Good stuff....everybody loves it.

Around the house... laundry, laundry....omg....y'all don't even KNOW! Speaking of laundry, while we were gone for the weekend, my friend, Diana asked me "Do you want me to do anything while I'm over here? Make the beds? Match the socks?" I'm like "Ya....whatever keeps you from being bored...." So, after we left, she's all 'hee hee hee....I'm gonna play a joke on her and match those socks...' *smirk* Well. 4 hours later, she sure showed me! Matched all my socks and everything! Somehow, I don't think the joke was on me.

One of my favorite things is when Zely comes in the door and screams "MAMIE!!!" (ya....that's me...)

From my camera...

We're weird, but we have fun....

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  1. OMG you are wearing pasties too?????

  2. That thing about the heat....I'm with ya.

  3. Nice post. Love the shark - takes me back to 1975! I'm one of your newest followers!


  4. You are too funny, with your thong and pasties! Watch out! The spirit may be watching you! I am laughing out loud about the seagull crap. Soo funny! Have you posted the recipe for the taco meat? I want it! Please share!

  5. Sounds like a fun day Amy, despite all the "breakage." It's not hot here now, it's getting dang cold! You need to come over here! xxoo

  6. Over here in England pasties are meat pies. Surely not!!!! lol

    Jeanie xxxx

  7. What?! No pictures...? LOL

    Glad somebody went to the beach last weekend... cuz I really want to do that.

    Don't fall off your chair... are you sitting down? ... Not only did I fold six and 1/2 baskets of laundry in the last 48 hours, I mated one/third of our sock bucket.
    I had to share that, speaking of socks.

  8. You are wearing? Haaaaaaa.
    Ryan took them somewhere.
    Oh, great to have that grown daughter ;-).


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