Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talking Back...

Because I suffer from scatterbrain-itis, this is a post that's not really flowing into any cohesiveness, but whatever. Y'all have come to expect my random yakking by now, right?

*Tanya....the Taco Bell-esque (ack....I don't need anybody from Taco Bell telling me I'm ruining their business with my copy cat-ness)...that I make is
1 T chili powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp drid minced onion
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp onion powder
dash of garlic powder

that's for about 1 pound of hamburger. Double it for 2 pounds, etc.

The first thing I do is measure out the spices in a bowl and mix it together dry so I can have it ready to just pour in...

Then, I cook the hamburger plain (covering it when I'm cooking it makes it come out....softer...more tender, I guess). After it's done and I drain the grease (don't rinse it....some grease is good. I IS Taco I put the hamburger in the food processor and pulse it a little to get the texture right. After that, it goes back in the pot, the seasoning gets put in, and then I add water - a 1/2 cup at a time...until it's the consistency you like...I like mine a little soupy.

It is a money saver, but also, it means I don't have to get out of my pajamas to actually go to Taco Bell.

*Jeanie - grandma used to make pasty pie all the time! I don't think I want those glued to my hooters, though. Actually, I don't want these glued to my hooters, either. How do you get them off?! (<--warning: that second link is not for kids!)

*Lisa - you should see my dining room table. Covered in laundry. It's the only way I HAVE TO deal with it. If I put it on the couch, I can just walk by it and ignore it for days.

*Marie - really? Are you going to feel awkward when I show up on your doorstep?! I'll bring my Sophie so Mitzie will have a playmate! Also for Marie, who did an entry of what was in her fridge....I am SO nosey and love to see what people have in their refrigerator - but fair is here's mine:
No big wow factor on the outside.....I love my refrigerator magnets!

and ta daaaaaaaa.....

Shocking that I would have 7 different barbecue sauces, huh?! What's the one (or two) thing in there that you thought "I KNEW she would have that!!"?


  1. This recipe sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Well, I knew you'd have the Country Cock....


    I only have two kinds of barbeque sauce, but probably ten or twelve kinds of salad dressing, a few kinds of marinades, and about a dozen types of cheese.

    And I totally recognize that ginormous tub o' garlic. I have one just like it.

    I have a little dorm-size fridge in my room. It's loaded with bottled water, Coke and my current obsession - Sunkist orange soda. YUM!


  3. Now you really have to move next door. I could do drive through in your driveway.;-)

  4. Amy! I just wet myself laughing at your picture link.
    Just think of the exercise you would get trying to get airborne with these. hahahahaha!
    Thanks for the explanation. Much more feminine than meat psties. hehehehe!
    Jeanie xxxx

  5. I haven't had that much in my fridge in the past 45 years..even if I added it all up.

    Oh, yeah, I don't have a husband & kids.

    I'm sort of ok with that ;0.

  6. Recipe sounds delicious!! That's a great idea about the laundry on the diningroom table... we women gotta do whatever works, right?!

  7. That is a yummy-looking recipe. Now we just need to find out where to get sporks and we'll be all set! (And doesn't everyone in Texas have a refrigerator full of bbq sauces?)


  8. Thanks Amy!!! You totally rock!!! I'll try it this week. Can't wait. I love me some tacos, girl!!!

    So glad your fridge looks like mine - lots of stuff on inside and outside - only my outside is COMPLETELY covered with school papers, doctor appt cards, schedules, etc.


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