Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Well, The Build-Up Was Fun.....

Seeing that Adrian is the only one homeschooling right now, we find ways to waste our days together.

Today, I was like "Heyyyy.....let's do this baking soda and vinegar volcano !" He was like "Uhhhh....okay?" So I had him drop a cup of baking soda and then a cup of vinegar in the toilet (which also cleans the toilet pretty well!). It snapped. It crackled. It popped.

He stood there looking at me and then looking at the toilet. Finally, he said "That wasn't really fun." I'm like "Well, what did you want?! A bomb?! It's a science experiment! What happens when two chemicals....." I trailed off....

"It wasn't even half as fun as the Diet Coke and Mentos thing...." Of course....the thing that could put out an eye is super cool, right?


  1. Just goes to prove that science homework CAN lead to a cleaner house!! ....

  2. Risk of eye loss adds to the intensity of the experience. ;-)

  3. You're a much cooler mom than I am. I hate science experiments!!

  4. I love using that method for clearing my sink drains too. It speeds up the drainage a real treat.
    I thought your attempt was a good idea....maybe not as exciting as the coke experiment but it does create lots of froth, seemingly, from nowhere. As if by magic! lol
    Oh well! Never mind.
    Jeanie xxxx

  5. Miss J hasn't seen the Mentos/Diet Coke thing... But she sure loved a vinegar/baking soda volcano in her day.

  6. A great story, and a great photo. (And, btw, Efferdent does a pretty good job on toilets and stained coffee cups too.)


  7. Our boy scout troop did the mento's and soda thing. I think I am still cleaning up after that one. :)


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