Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today.... October 5th, 2010

Outside my window... it's sunny, but the temps are finally settling down a little. ...slept with the windows open last night.

I am thinking... that I feel terrible today. I need some sleep and a massage. I've had a headache that has been hanging on for the past few days. I'm guessing it's the weather change...

I am thankful for... kids that actually want to be with me. Lots of parents don't have that....

I am wearing... jeans and a Happy Bunny shirt that says "Crazy Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It." Ironic? Yes, I do think so.

I am remembering... laying in the cool grass 2 nights ago after we put up the outside Halloween decorations. It was just....nice.

I am going... to DANCE! Not really. (*cue the Lady Gaga*)

I am currently reading... The Backyard Homestead.....still. I only get to read a little bit a night. Between that, my word search puzzles and kids coming in a bazillion times to talk to me.....eesh. I'll get it done some time this year.

I am hoping... that somebody will say "Hey! Lemme cook dinner for you! You should go on up to bed and lay there til it's ready, and then I will bring it to you. You can eat, and then fall asleep at 7 o'clock." (*pause* Hahahahahahahahaha *cough*)

On my mind... is that it's 'sick season'. I gotta pump us all up on the vitamin C and stuff.

Noticing that... the kids from the school across the street are screaming like somebody is killing them. Gahh....isn't recess over already??!?!

Pondering these words... "Dad's a thug." -Adrian
Thaaaaaat's nice. Way to be a role model

From the kitchen... I don't know. Am I the only one who takes out a meat to thaw without knowing what to do with it til right before I need to cook it? There's boneless chicken thighs on the counter. Suggestions?

Around the house... I'm hoping to finish the Halloween decorating inside. I also want to paint a section of the kitchen. I really need some scrubbable paint in the kitchen, because I scrub the walls and the paint is coming off. People should know better than to put crappy paint in a kitchen or bathroom. Seriously.....

One of my favorite things is after dinner when I go sit on the couch to watch night time TV with the family and the dogs and cats all clamor to get a prime spot next to me, on top of me, wherever...

From my camera...

We bought a cute bed for the cat. It's a basket with a pink pillow with feathers on it. Thumper likes it alot. ....which is a good thing, considering the fact that the cat seeminly prefers sleeping in a box.

........and there's the Daybook for today. More Daybookers at ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~!!


  1. Your daybook makes me smile :) I love the way you word things! Have a great week! Karen

  2. I'm wearing a t-shirt that says: Be My Tool. I think we almost match.

  3. I'm wearing yoga pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It was FORTY SEVEN DEGREES last night/this morning. How freaking awesome is that?


  4. Your daybook is awesome! Hope that you feel better soon,


  5. I am the neighbor that would have the kids screaming as if they are being killed... it's because of the trampoline....seriously. Well, sometimes it's because Aaron and his friends are pointing nerf guns at the girls and they really think they are going to be killed by foam darts.

  6. What time do you want your massage?



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