Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, October 19th, 2010

Outside my window... Grey and overcast. Thank you, Jesus! (<--said with evangelical inflection)

I am thinking... that I have got to get it in gear. The party is done, so I need to get back to real life.

I am thankful for... Mexican food. mmmmm......Mexican food

I am wearing... jeans, turquoise flowy top, socks

In the learning room... U.S. states. "Why is Rhode Island so small and Texas is so big, Mom?" I had a smart ass remark or two. Hee....

I am remembering... at the costume party, my father in law didn't even recognize me. I was there for two hours talking to him and then I took off my wig for something....and he was like "What the heck?! I didn't even know that was you! I was wondering where you were!!!" LOL

I am going... to the grocery store, I think. I'm out of coffee. NNNNNOOOOOO..

I am currently reading... BH&G. meh. My brain can only process pretty pictures right about now.....

I am hoping... to go to bed at 8PM. Ya.....I'm THAT tired.

On my mind... the sad thing is that they only way I knew it was Tuesday was because I saw somebody had done a Daybook in my email.

Noticing that... it is so quiet right now....omg! I forgot to feed the fish! ooops.

From the kitchen... It's Customer Appreciation Day at Little Cesars Pizza, so I will not be cooking. WooHoo!

Around the house... Sister Wives is playing on my DVR. I like that show.

One of my favorite things is Bit-O-Honey candy.

From my camera...

My boy is 12. Soooo handsome! *sniff*

....and just for fun....another picture. My mother in law, niece Kristy, and my father in law. Stylin'!

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  1. Great daybook Amy! As always, I might add! I checked out that tv show, Sister Wives. Crazy! I wish we got it here. I think it would be fascinating viewing! Your 12 year old is one very handsome boy and check out the in laws, lol! XXOO

  2. Bit-O-Honey candy claimed one of my teeth as a child. Hate it.
    Love you in the wig though.

  3. I am so thankful for Mexican food too! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Your son is precious! What a cutie pie!

  4. So.... what kinda candy will you be giving out on Halloween? 'Cause the oldest girl and I might be in San Antonio that weekend, after all.


  5. Have not seen Sister Wives...
    What a great costume... cool hair.... funny about FIL not recognizing you...
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. All I could think was how funny it would have been if your father-in-law had hit on you at the party before you took your wig off. lol



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