Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today....October 25th, 2010

Outside my window... it's dark because I'm doing this on Monday night instead of Tuesday morning.'s still hot outside. ick. I thought there was supposed to be a cool front or something!!

I am thinking... that I need to go take a shower and go to bed!

I am thankful for... my lovely, wonderful bed.

I am wearing... jeans, pink long sleeve, socks

I am remembering... last night, Jesse was having a hard time sleeping, so I was petting his head...and then from a snoring sleep, he jumped up out of bed and scared the hell out of me.

I am going... nowhere. Gah. I gotta get out of this house.

I am currently reading... nothing. I've been kinda brain dead this week.

I am hoping... that I will not get an acid burn in my throat tonight. Last night was a Tums night, for sure.

On my mind... is that Jesse is watching a TV show (World of Jenks) where this girl surfer is all "People hate me 'cause they're jealous, but I don't care!" Ya....that'll win you some friends.

Noticing that... I can't make up my I hot or cold.... Cripes...I hope I'm not getting sick.

Pondering these words... no 'words' in specific, but answer me this.... WHY do some people end each sentence with a question mark?!?!? "I'm gonna go to the beeeach? and then I'm going to get an ice cream?" Are you asking me or telling me?! AURGH!

From the kitchen... it's a mess in there....we had grilled chicken, rice, and beans for dinner.....and Adrian is making macaroni and cheese because he is not a fan of rice and beans.

Around the house... this whole house has gone mad. Animals peeing and barfing....people getting sick....pulled muscles....good it a full moon?! (Yes, by golly, it is.)

One of my favorite things is a clean house. Sadly, that does not happen here very often.

From my camera...

Two seconds after this was taken, Thumper tried to snag that carrot. Sophie picked it up and walked away with a dirty look.

and there's my Daybook! It's a good thing I do the Daybooks or my posting would be really sporadic. Anyway, more Daybookers here: ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ Check itttt!!!


  1. Love the picture Amy! What a pair of cuties. I'll trade you some of our cold for your warmth! Winter seems to be in a hurry to arrive here! xxoo

  2. I love your day book, Amy! I have to say the surfer's remark really did made me confront some of my most innermost flaws and petty jealousies, and made me understand that, deep down, I do have a long-hidden desire to be a vapid, self-absorbed witch who talks a lot - mostly about herself - while contributing absolutely nothing to her surroundings. (Why, she could move to Delaware and run for congress!)

    I've had a couple of Texas recipes up recently, btw. I hope you got to see them. I was thinking of you.


  3. Can you please mail me(cod) Thumper & the puppy?
    Thanks. ~Mary


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