Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Daybook icon won't load. Oh well....onward we go...

FOR TODAY December 1st (a day late and a dollar short like always)

Outside my window...there's a cold sunshine. Last night's temps were not supposed to be freezing, so I didn't bring in my plants. When I woke up this mor....afternoon....and looked outside, my poor banana tree was wilted and brownish. It will bounce back, but it sure looks pretty sad right now. (up side = we haven't had to turn the A/C OR heater on! Maybe our bill won't be $400 this month, hmm?)

I am thinking...about the show I was just watching (thank you, DVR). Psychic Kids. Now, a lot of people say ''s so neat to have that gift.', but then I hear these kids saying people tell them they're weird or crazy or making stuff up. Aurgh....gets me so upset. Who wants to see ghosts and get freaked out all the time? (unless you already know how to block, which is something every sensitive person should learn how to do).... I'm also thinking.....okay, I'm up at 2 AM. I watch MTV then because 2 AM is when actual music videos come on. Now, I know advertising is a necessary evil, but if I see another acne commercial OR a commercial for the Trojan 'massager', I'm going to scream. "Look honey! We got THREE massagers!" The guy is all "SWEET!" Uch...

I am thankful for...the fact that it's not 90 degrees all the time now. In the past week, I've been outside at some point EVERY DAY! (whaaaaaa.....I KNOW!)

From the learning rooms...this month's theme is Mexico. (hmm...Mexico has been in the news a lot, but maybe we won't go into why that is....yikes.)

From the kitchen...Dirty Rice for dinner last night....I was going to make some turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes for tonight, but I don't have any potatoes. Tsk. PB&J sandwiches? sounds good to me! I think this is our last day of turkey. The rest will go for the dogs when I make their food.

I am wearing...jeans that are a size too small and a t shirt 2 sizes too big. There's a method to the madness....

I am creating...a folder full of work and worksheets for Adrian.

I am going...well.....I went to my BBF's house last night to see her and Valencia aaaaaaand to pick up my bag. My personalized bag. That I ordered. I lurrrves it. Look at the stuff: Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts Lots of bags and stuff... Diana sells it, and I cannot stop looking at the catalog and saying "ooooooo.....I NEED that! with my name on it!!" (the irony here comes with the next line in this post....heh...)

I am reading...The Complete Tightwad Gazette. (Amy Dacyczyn) I read it at least once a year to try to renew the motivation.

I am hoping...*that Jesse will come home in a good mood.....*that my back will stop hurting......*that my arm stops hurting.....*that my mom gets to see a doctor that will actually be able to pinpoint and treat what's wrong with her.... :-/

I am hearing...the dryer.....some anime crap on TV.....Sancho trying to grab my slipper off my foot. American Eskimo/Samoyed type dogs have this weird talking yodel. I hesitate to think what he is saying to me most of the time.

Around the house...I made a list of things that needed to be done/cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Um. So...there's a saying 'It gets worse before it gets better.....' besides, I have cramps. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

One of my favorite when my brother texts me to tell me I'm awesome. (I'm only awesome on Sundays. The rest of the week, I'm just me.)

A few plans for the rest of the week include a doctors' appt on Friday. That's pretty much my only 'planned' activity.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I couldn't decide, so I'm sharing a few...

Really? Can you try to be a LITTLE more dramatic, Sophie?

^....while Jesse and I were shopping for Thanksgiving stuff..."Babe...should I packages of these? I love them!" I said "Ya....those things never go bad!" Um. My bad.

Rosalita is really big on sharing. Other peoples' food.

"What's this now?"

"Ohhhhhh new water dish! Thanks, Mom!" I should note she was not interested in eating the fish. Only drinking the gross fish water. Ew.
and there ends my yapping for the week. Word to your mother. or you. whichever. Daybookers here - ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ - CHECK IT!


  1. Is it seriously 90 degrees there? You need to get back to Chicago. Love the kitty shots!

  2. Love your daybook as always Amy, and those pictures are hilarious! Is Sophie a cocker? Adorable! Love the rolls too! xxoo

  3. Rosalita is very big on sharing.
    Yeah. Sure. When it goes ALL one way. I always love your pet pictures. ~Mary

  4. I love those rolls too!!! I do not miss $400 electric bills from Florida. I feel your pain girl.


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