Monday, February 14, 2011

I Have A Strong Stomach...

...and this post is proof.

Last week, Jesse bought Adrian a corn dog maker.  It bakes the corn dogs instead of frying them, and you can put in a healthier hot dog, so okay....fine.

Last night, I told Adrian he could try and make them on his own.  I was on the couch, so if something caught fire, I could help, but otherwise.....y'know?

So, there he sweet proud of himself making himself dinner.  He even made extra for everyone else!  Since Jesse and Alex were at the store (getting St. Valentines goodies), he served me one first.  Then he got a plate for Ryan.  We waited for ours to cool, but he went ahead and started eating.  Ryan and I took a bite at the same time.  She spit hers out.  My eyeball twitched, but I chewed it on down and gave my boy a slightly strangled smile and said "Baby....please stop eating that...."

A couple seconds later, Jesse walked in the door....grabbed a corn dog and took a big bite.  Thennnnn he choked.

"Adrian..." he said.  "Come show me how you made them....."

Adrian was there saying "See?  almost all the package of cornbread mix.....this much sugar...etc....and a fourth of salt...."

"A fourth of salt?  Which kind of fourth?"

He shows us the ONE FOURTH OF A CUP.

Jesse looks at him....."Ohhh.....where is that in the recipe?", so Adrian shows him.  Thennnnn Jesse says "....that says a fourth of a teaspoon."

Adrian looks at it and says "Oh.  Well.  Bologna sandwiches for everybody!"


  1. OH my ............ sounds like the time I put salt instead of sugar!!! wow bet you were twitching your eye . whooooooo

  2. He will never make that mistake again in his life. Good to get one out of the way. LOL

  3. Oh gosh. Baked corn dogs sound good, but what a mistake to make! Bet he won't do that again! xxoo

  4. Although this is kind of an extreme example (lol), everyone who cooks has done something like this at some point. Bravo to Adrian for wanting to cook them. I hope this won't discourage him from cooking again, and again.


  5. Uhmm. yeah. My youngest decided she'd make us french toast for breakfast one morning. The recipe called for 1/8 tsp of cinnamon. She put in 1/8 cup. It happens to all of us at least once. Good on him for being willing to make y'all dinner! He just needs to fine-tune a bit is all. :)


  6. AWW the effort was



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