Friday, February 18, 2011

If Only He Had Thumbs

Last night, I was upstairs, and noticed all the dogs weren't up with me.
I texted Jesse:  "Sancho?"
He wrote back:  "No.  This is Jesse."
I wrote back:  "Will you let my hairy boyfriend inside?!"
He writes:  "Ohhh....okay."
*shakes head*


  1. well ....... men can be kind of stale at times. thats too funny texting back his name lol

  2. Just to clarify, which one are you wishing had thumbs, Amy?


  3. He either has your sense of humor or you caught him napping? Your dog is beautiful! More photos pleeze?

  4. High-larious!!!! Lily can text. I installed voice to text software and I am always getting emails from her. I just wish I spoke terrier.xo

  5. Oh that is just too funny! That sounds just like something that would happen at my house! I've missed you Amy! So glad you stopped by :-)

  6. I would rather share my bed with my dog. He doesn't snore or steal all the covers! LOL


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