Sunday, February 6, 2011

Morphine - the Comic Relief Drug

(image from google - this isn't my cat)

So, as y'all know, my mom is (still) in the hospital.
and...she's feeling pretty good with that morphine clicker.
I put together a few comments that have lightened the mood in the hospital room:

*My mom: "The doctor was here talking to me and I had everything organized, and then I got stupid."

*Ryan was reading the posters hanging in the room and said "It says they have rapid response here."

My mom: It looks yellow, but if you look close, you can see a pattern......of a bathing suit.

*I was putting lotion on my mom's hands (because sometimes she forgets if anybody has been there to see her, so I put lotion on her hands and tell her "If your hands smell good, you know I was there.") and I said 'you gotta smell good for these doctors if you're trying to land one of 'em.'

She says "As much poking on me as that doctor's done, I'm pretty sure we're married by now."


  1. I had one of the most interesting conversations ever with my mom when she was way under the influence of morphine.

  2. Something about mother's and morphine! LOl

    A few years ago my mom was also in the hospital on morphine and the things she said still gets us laughing when we talk about.

  3. Aren't you so thankful there's always something to laugh about...even in the middle of a nightmare?

    I'm glad your mom is feeling well for the time being, and I wish her the best.

  4. Amy, your mom sounds like she would have done a pretty good daybook herself! Good wishes to her, and to you too for staying strong and keeping people smiling during this really difficult period. Big hugs to you...


  5. Just dropping in to hug you silly. Or hug you, silly. Whichever.




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