Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Day At The Feeder...

....this was today's new bird.  So cute!  This is the first year I've had a good variety of birds!
Clearly these two are married.  Hee hee heeee...

Mama Sparrow brought her 5 babies to the feeder a few days ago.... and then I noticed that the mockingbird wasn't being as aggressive, so I'm guessing their babies flew the nest, too.

I never in my life thought I'd be one of 'those' people with a bunch of birds in my backyard...and me there with a camera trying to get a good shot of them. kinda like it!
(Besides, right now I need something calming in my insane life.)


  1. That is the cutest picture! Normally, I'm not a huge bird fan (they wake me up at 5 a.m.), but they look like they're kissing. So cute!

  2. Amy, I've always had the bird bug. We only get sparrows at our new place, with the odd blackbird and a bunch of pigeons. We used to get a lot more down south, but then we were out in the country and now we are at the edge of the city. We still enjoy them anyways. xxoo

  3. These pictures are adorable, Amy. We don't get a great variety of birds where I am, so this is a real treat. Thanks for posting these!



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