Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

I KNOW!  I haven't done a Daybook in forever....

No Daybook picture though....I'm using the kidlet's computer.....

Anyway, here goes....

For today, the 2nd of May, 2011

Outside my window... it's dark and chilly. Two days ago it was 90 degrees. Today I had a long sleeved shirt on. I love it! Anything over 80s and I hate my life....

I am thinking... that the smell of the chicken I made for dinner is grossing me out. (chicken to go with the alfredo. It was good at dinner time, but Ryan just got home and warmed some up. Blerg...)

I am thankful for... cake. Oh, lovely wonderful cake.

I am wearing... black tight capris and a red long sleeved pull over. and socks! yay, socks!

I am remembering... last week I was cleaning the kitchen at my mom's house. While you're cleaning, you don't notice the cleanliness.....but then you stop and look up and it's like "holy hell! I went alllll beast in that kitchen!"

I am going... probably nowhere, but who knows....

I am currently reading... bah...who has time for reading anymore....

I am hoping... I'm able to figure out why the hell the bird outside has been squawking and diving at the dog all day and night.  Good gravy....

On my mind... is that my brother made up an excuse to go out somewhere because he heard me say I wanted a brownie or cake from the bakery and Jesse was all "Nahhh....I don't want to don't need cake anyway!" and now, I am eating the most fabulous fudgy chocolatey brownie. :) awww....Tyler lurves me.

Noticing that... I'm ready for bed earlier and earlier lately

Pondering these words... "You live by the cake, you die by the cake!" -Gabriel Iglesias

From the kitchen... I made chicken alfredo tonight, but Jesse and Alaina also warmed up last nights' potato soup. Alaina said "omg....this is so frickin' delicious!" :) I said "It's delicious because Mom never cooked and home cooked food is better."

Around the house... my house is immaculately clean! *pause* AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

One of my favorite things would be this super awesome brownie I'm eating.

From my camera...
It was my nephew, Andy's 18th birthday, so we took him to Big Lou's pizza.  42 inch pizza.  and we ate it all!

and then, as you know, no birthday with us would be complete without some cake-in-the-face.


  1. Amy, what a sweet brother to get you a delicious brownie like that!! I love the Birthday cake in the face picture as well. That is joy!! You have such a lovely little life. I know you may not think that you do sometimes, but to be surrounded as you are by your furry friends and family that love you so very much is a blessing that some of us will never have! I have my Todd and Mitzie, which is a blessing as well. Some people have no one. I cannot imagine how lonely or how sad that is. xxoo

  2. Now that's a pizza!!!!

    looks yummie!


  3. A Food of the Gods pizza.
    Your whole family is very lucky to have you, Amy. ~Mary

  4. pizza and cake and brownies! Mmmmmmmm! I want pizza so bad. And what's for dinner? ham. I'm not feeling it.

  5. You mentioned cake at least 6 times in this post, along with brownies and chocolate - and then to top it all off - PIZZA! Girl you are killing me! (glad to see the daybook again)


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