Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today - May 24, 2011

Outside my window... it's still and hot.  So.  very.  hot.  90 degrees right now.  and it's only May.

I am thinking... that I am pretty sure I have a cavity or two.  I ate an M&M and my tooth twinged. 

I am thankful for... these goofy animals of mine.

I am wearing... clothes. No naked posting for me today.

In the learning room... we're reading like it was our job!   Oh, wait.....it kinda is....

I am remembering... last week, I was looking through a catalog with outdoor statues and such. There were the cutest life sized lambs on one of the pages. The little ad bubble said "Adorable accents!" and I thought "What? Accents? Scottish? I thought they were just......oh. Accents like decoration." Haha....I'm stupid.

I am going... to go out to eat! (I say that with conviction, but you watch....Jesse will come home and tell me no.)

I am currently reading... not much. My eyes have been kind of crazy lately. I need an eye exam and new prescription for glasses.

I am hoping... that I will muster up some willpower and lose some weight. I don't need to be carting around this big caboose any more. (like I needed to before?)

On my mind... is this chronic, terminal, everlasting, here-for-life pain. Y'all....my back got so jacked up, I went in to the doc. After he said "Yes, welcome to the old folks club...." he gave me a big burny shot in the boo-tay. It was not fun at all. It wasn't even fun when the pain reliever kicked in, because I was hobbling around bent over and mumbling to myself 'oh....ow....ow....ow....I'm ok......I'm ok....ow....' It took 5 days before I noticed the pain lessen. Seriously.....can't they just make a narcotic IV drip for home use? I promise I won't abuse it!

Noticing that... I have been quiet. Everybody thinks I'm upset or something. I'm not. I'm just slightly unstable. Eh. Whatever.

Pondering these words... Speaking of the supposed Rapture - One of my sisters' friends commented on her Facebook - "I don't want to get taken by the raptors!" *sigh* This is our future, people. Y'all may think he was making a joke, but sadly, he was not.

From the kitchen... loaded potato soup last night.... bleh....I don't want to cook today.

Around the house... I know I always say the house is a mess, but y'all....I am as serious as a heart attack.....it looks like a damn bomb went off in here. Adding two more kids (my brother and sister) generates an unbelievable amount of mess! (Yes, they 'help'....and there is a chore board, but since my mom really didn't teach them basic skills like cleaning up after yourself or serving others before yourself, this whole 'work to benefit the whole family' concept is fairly foreign to them.

One of my favorite things is walking in a house and smelling PineSol.

From my camera 
Y'all see that Chicken Fried Steak?!  Bigger than his head and he ate it all and asked me if I was gonna finish my plate!  (Bud Jones for anybody who wants to know where we were eating!)

I blame Ryan for this picture.  She's a horrible mother.  :-D  Poor Cha Cha wouldn't even move!

and there we are....my Daybook completed!  Here's where there's moreeeeee - ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~!!


  1. Glad to see the Daybook again : )
    That chicken fried steak is ridiculous. I don't think I like ANY food that much. Doctor, dentist, eye doctor, diet, 90 degrees in May arrgggghhh it can only get better from here right??

  2. Hi Amy,
    Just wanted to drop by to say hello and to thank you for your sweet email/comment. I haven't been able to post any comments for the past couple of days either...so here's hoping this one goes through :-) It was very nice hearing from you. Take care and have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. Hi, sweetie. It's stupid hot here, too. And I need to lose some caboose. Meh. Between homeschooling and my grandmother in and out of hospitals/nursing homes/home for a while, rinse repeat, I can't get motivated to do jack.

    And let me tell you, jack is not pleased at being neglected. :P


  4. Just caught up on reading my much-neglected favorite blogs, and reading yours makes me want to give you a GREAT BIG HUG.

    I love, love, love the bird pics. No comment on Cha Cha...

    Thinking about you lots, Love, and hoping to hear good news soon.


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