Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Sleep Off That Heatstroke and You'll Be Fine!

I think one of the reasons I'm kinda down is because I don't look so hot.  Why get all pretty to work like a donkey doing housework.  I never leave the house anyway, so hair up in a ponytail and some clothes and that is as good as it gets.
Buuut.....Jesse called me saying he was getting out of some class he had been taking earlier.....and asked if I wanted to get out of the house...
"Sure!" I said....and pulled out my makeup and started trying to fix up my hair.
"Cool....." he said.  "The kids are are the movies so I'll come pick you up and we can go to my mom's rehab place." 

Ooooookay - Date Fail.

He then says "Are you in a hurry?  If not, I'll wash the car...."

I'm like "Ya....whatever...."

He gets out and starts washing the car.  I was not aware that it was going to get to 102 in 30 seconds in the car, but there you are.  He washes the engine as well, and we started up the car....and he had gotten water in the engine somewhere so it was sputtering and died three times in 15 minutes.  "Dang it...." he says.  "I wanted to go get some clothes for my mom (loose clothes for her daily therapy)..."  I looked at him and said "You just told me I couldn't have $15.00 for a shirt, but we were going to go shopping and buy your mom a few outfits? 

Ummm...oooooookay.  Date Fail.

We turn around and head back home.  After we get settled, he says "Why don't you go take a nap?"

Date Win.

Woke up from nap to find LJS on the table.

another win.

Now if only I had a frozen strawberry margarita in my hand.....


  1. I never go anywhere either, so I pretty much don't bother.


    I realized that I wasn't doing my husband OR myself much good.

    He really likes it when I am dressed (in something other than my favorite holey shorts covered in paint and a tank) with a smattering of make-up and hair in some manner of styled.

    And while it makes him feel good, even on the days that I didn't even touch the house, it actually makes ME feel better.

    Just a thought.


  2. Oh the inconsistency would have gotten me too. Sometimes I have to question why its ok for one person in the family to have A,B,C in the budget but when I want to do A, B, or C it's just not there. That is a date snarfer for me. lol

  3. yup she gets clothes you should. me I could use just tequila straight. but dont even feel up to that .

  4. Sounds like, if you got your margarita, your day may have just balanced out in the end.

  5. I'm at home most of the time, so I rarely wear makeup either. Not even when Chris is here. I kind of prefer my face without all of that gump on it. I don't look like me with gump on my face!


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