Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today - July 12, 2011

Outside My Window. . . it's dark (at 2:30 in the AM) and 82°.  Ick.

I Am Thinking. . .about all the things I need to do tomorrow.  It seems I'm always lagging lately....

I Am Grateful. . . for my amazing kids.  Man, I love my kids....

In The Kitchen . . .chili dogs were dinner....we have so many leftovers from Ryan's party, it's ridiculous.  Not sure what's on the menu for tonight's dinner, but hopefully I don't have to cook it.

I Am Creating. . . nothing, because I don't have time to create anything.  All I do is laundry.  5 loads a day, every day.  I'm considering burning everybody's clothes except for two outfits. 

I Am Going. . .to PetSmart for cat food.....and also to MILs rehab tomorrow.  Since she is such a wild sleeper, one of us kids stays with her at night.  I'm on duty tomorrow night.

I Am Reading . . . nothing.  I did look through my Romantic Homes magazine, but didn't read any of the stories.  I need a good book and some time to myself.

I Am Hoping . . . .to get through the day without having a nervous breakdown. 

I Am Hearing . . .the fan....Jesse snoring (loudly).....the dog licking his foot (STOP IT, ALREADY!)

Around The House . . . meh.  Let's skip this one.

I Am Wearing. . . purple pajamas with coffee sayings on them.

I Am Thinking . . .about how guilty I feel because I'm always so busy lately. I miss just bummin' with my family. 

I Am Wondering . . . why my right eye is twitching.  That can't be good.

One Of My Favorite Things. . . is candy.  Gahh.....it's the Devil, but I love it.  Chocolate, Skittles, Starburst....yay, sugar!  (What's your favorite Starburst flavor?!  Mine's the yellow one!  <--because 'yellow' is a flavor, right?)

About Today's Photo:

Ryan's birthday party....a bunch of our family - well...just the kids in this pic - so you can imagine how many people we really had over.  Lots of fun....lots of...grown-up drinks.  Yay for grown-up drinks

So.  There's my Daybook!  Go see Peggy at ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ for more Daybookers!  Every time I go to her page, I find another blog to follow!  (Because I really NEED more blogs to read?)
The End.


  1. Actually, I NEED more blogs to follow lately, because a lot of my old bloggie friends don't blog any more. I blame Facebook.

  2. I just love how you write. Must have been a great party!

  3. I TOTALLY second the "Yay for grown up drinks!" HA! Chili dogs sound wonderful! YUM! Late Happy Birthday to Ryan. Wish I was doing five loads of laundry a day. Then maybe the dirty clothes wouldn't be stacked up to my ceiling! ICK!


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