Monday, August 29, 2011

A ,B, C...Easy As 1, 2, 3

As I'm browsing blogs tonight in search of some inspiration, I came across The ABCs of Me.  Supposedly, each blog post gets one or two letters and you use words starting with that letter to describe yourself.  Considering that most of my blogging refers to myself, why not give it a go, huh?

Here we go....A:
-Well, there's me - Amy
-Alex and Adrian.  My sweet sweet boys...most of the people in my family have 'A' names.  No idea why..
-Animals.  yeahhhh....I got me plenty of those!
-Attitude.  Sure, I seem like a sweet girl.....and most of the time I am....but there may be a glimpse or two of attutide popping out every once in a while.  (So basically, live in fear.)
-Autumn.  My favorite season.  The hellish heat goes away, yet it's still warm outside.....and then I feel those cool air bursts every once in a while reminding me that relief is a'comin'.

and then on to B....
-Baking.  Man, I love baking.  It's the clean up afterwards that I hate.
-Bored.  I'm just so so terminally bored.
-Bed.  Oh honeypies, you know mama loves her bed.  Her cushy, soft, restful, warm bed.
-Beloved.  That's the meaning of my name.  For reals.
-Blogging -- I tell y'all....if I didn't blog, I'd just be mumbling to myself all day, because nobody talks to me at home unless it's "What's for dinner?  When is dinner?  Are my clothes clean?  Did you clean up the cats' throw up?"  Ugh.

moving on to C...
-Coke (diet!)  Ha....ok, here in Texas, when we're out to eat and a server asks what drinks we'd like, first we say "Coke!"  They say "What kind?"  "Orange..."  Now have you ever had Orange Coke?  No, you've had orange soda.  I don't know what our deal is, but near everything we drink is 'Coke'.
-Cake.  Ya.....I think it's pretty well known that I love cake.  Big cake, small cake, tall cake, short cake...(go know you wanna)
-Chocolate.  Dark.  None of this milk chocolate business, and absolutely none of that supposed 'white chocolate'.  You wanna see me get all riled up?  Offer me 'white chocolate'.  It's not even real chocolate!
-Coffee.  Lawsie Mercy.....y'all know me and my coffee.  The life blood, I calls it!  Some people get called by the sea.  I get called by the coffee.
-Cynical.  I am as sweet as honey pie, but I have a deep rooted cynicism stemming from a jacked up childhood.  Meds help.
-Comments.  I have to laugh at my 2-4 comment average lately.  I know it's my fault because I'm not steadily posting as of late, but 2?  Damn, that's brutal.  :-P

D, E, F coming up..... feel free to throw in words that you think describe me in the comments....


  1. FUNNY.....I like your blog...make me giggle and I love the pet pics!


  2. They do that "coke" thing in New Mexico too. Oranch Coke. (mispelled on purpose). Loved your facebook birthday party photos by the way. Looked like a good time.


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