Wednesday, August 31, 2011

D, E, & F...

on to D, E, & F....

the Ds.....
-I'm dark behind the sunshiney demeanor.  BUT....thanks to some nice medication,.....
-I'm depressed.  (Shhhhhhhocker!)
-Until this year, I had a fear of driving - stemming from a very bad car accident.
-Dogs.  LOVE THEM!  I have 4.  Small (mini schnauzer/doxie), Medium (cocker spaniel), large (American Eskimo), and extra large (Golden Retriever).  They're all really good listeners.

the Es....
-Emotional.  I used to wear my heart on my sleeve.  Used to.
-Empathic.  I take everybody's weight on my shoulders.  I can't help it.
-Educated.  Reading and learning.....I could do it all day every day.  (if I didn't have 45 interruptions a day)
-Ecclectic.  It just sounds better than 'crazy old biddy'.

and the Fs....
-Forever.  That's how long I can hold a grudge.  Screw the forgiveness crap.
-Funny.  I'm funny.  You know it.  I know it.
-Friend.  The friends I have now are friends I've had for years.  I like my small little circle.
-Foodie.  Yes, siree.....I love my food.  There's nooo denying that


  1. How long ago was your accident? I think I remember either WHEN it happened, or right AFTER it happened.

  2. Rachel - it was Valentine's Day - 2004

  3. Hang in there, Amy. A good woman like you can't be kept down.


  4. Heyyy... so, we had 110 degrees for a couple of days, then yesterday it was all HEY, I'M THE WEATHER AND I'M GONNA PSYCH YOU OUT AND BE 84 FOR A DAY OR TWO AND THEN GO RIGHT BACK INTO 100S.

    Also, are the fires near you? I'm getting more than mildly freaked out by them. And so help me, if I catch someone throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window, I might run 'em down. How dumb can you be to do that when it's this dry???

    ~Emily, waiting not-so-patiently for autumn


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