Monday, September 12, 2011


Well.  Between these letters getting harder and me going completely brain dead.....

G, H, I

G = gluttonous. Indeed. If I weren't, I'd be a lot thinner, eh?

G = grammar nazi. I can't help it. Bad grammar makes me cry.

G = gum fanatic. Bubble gum. I know that comes as a shock because I am always so classy, but I can crack my gum like you wouldn't believe.

H = heathen. Yes, yes, we're over it.

H = Hello Kitty. Ohmygaaahhhh, I KNOW! I'm so embarrassed.

H = homebody. This one is no surprise. I hate having to leave the house. Ugh...putting on clothes and crap? pfft.

I = ice cream. I loves the ice cream. Please don't ask me how much I can eat in a single sitting because I will have to lie.

I = insomniac. Those of you who have received bizarre emails from me at 3 AM know that I've been hitting the Ambien. Sorry about that, y'all....

I = Indifferent. Ice cream and Lexapro help.


  1. This was great (and funny). Glad to know you better : )

  2. I can't wait till you get to X, Y and Z, Amy! lol



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