Monday, October 17, 2011

Bangkok - Oriental City

In the last post, I mentioned my brother going to Thailand to see his girlfriend.

Well, HE is a lazy bum who clearly is having too much fun to check in with his sister, BUT the girlfriend has been posting pics and messaging me what they've been I don't worry, she says.  Cute.

all he talked about the week before he left was getting to pet the elephants....

the floating market..

Yello drank in a bag.  Yay, street food!  (big step for him because he is a picky eater)

He hasn't mentioned anything about the girlfriends' parents... (he's staying with them at their home) but they cook alot.  My only 2 words of advice to him were 'Put your wallet in your front pocket' and 'Don't ask what it is - just eat it and smile.'  I keep seeing pictures, so I know nothing has killed him yet.  :)


  1. What a neat experience for him. Camera phones?

  2. Are you sure that's a drink and not some market trader with a grudge against Americans giving him a colostomy bag and straw?


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