Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Amazing What Happens When The Temperature Is Not 100

Where on Earth have I been, eh?!  I have no excuses other than I'm lazy and putting together a paragraph for a blog entry was beyond my ability at the moment.
BUT....to show that I'm still alive and doing something, I have pictures.
Yay, pictures!
my roses are doing extremely well now that the temperature is below 80

...and there's been RAIN!  (Whaaaaa?!  I KNOW!)

even Rosalita stops to smell the flowers...

these two are too lazy to care about flowers.

....and obviously too lazy to even move a leg that's just dangling there...

.....and the acorns are looking pretty, too!  Too bad I have no squirrels....because considering the rambunctious boys I have, 10 bucks says they rip those acorns off the tree and try to hit each other with them.


  1. I love the photo of the cat with the rose...precious!

  2. How funny. I thought the little dog was laying on some kind of animal rug. But then again...


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