Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Married People Live Longer?

I call bullshit.  I think single people with pets live longer.  I'm just saying...

A few days ago at therapy:

Doctor:  How has your stress levels been?

Me:  Uhmmm....

Doctor:  Wait...not including your husband, how's your stress?



  1. I agree! I think people with pets live longer too.

  2. I think pets are infinitely better than husbands. Just sayin' is all. I do love my husband though, but the dog is a lot less stressful! xxoo

  3. What if your pet is a Tiger?
    Or a chimpanzee with a grudge against people who whistle and one day you are in a good mood and start to whistle a little ditty and the chimp freaks out and rips your arms off, then your legs and finally pokes your eyes out.
    Your theory isn't so good now is it?


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