Friday, February 17, 2012

Being Present - Catch Up

How 'present' can I be if I'm playing catch-up, right?  Oh, well....

Day 21 - Where You Sleep  * there's usually more animals on the bed, but since I wasn't laying down, they were following me around waiting for me to park it.

Day 22 - Clothing
Day 23 - In Your Closet  *omg.  what a mess.

Day 24 - Gratitude  *gratitude that she can always make me laugh with her weirdness...

Day 25 - Artwork  *I love gyspy art work.  Love it....

Day 26 - Transportation
*well.  this one will just have to wait til I get my own transportation.  gahh.....I'm stuck in the houuuuuse and it's driving me crazyyyyyyyyy (crazier?)

What's next....Positively Present 30 Day Photo Challenge


  1. I posted a pic of the three dogs in my bed yeah they dtend to follow you .
    Lets just say the dog made a mess in your closet lol
    that dog is trying to be gene simmons
    oh gypsy stuff huh I use to have tons of it.
    trasnportation well if you lived here then I d trasnport you ......

  2. I love having the two dogs and cat in bed with me at night but Kevin hates it especially when Chloe stretches out! LOL

    1. Missie - I only wish I could capture a picture at around 3 AM....2 big dogs, a small dog under the covers and the cat laying on my head.... We should just put a couple king sized mattresses in there and call it a day...

  3. I'm just happy you are catching up. You go, girl!

  4. Cute pic of all the animals on the bed :)

  5. Cats have a way of making a bed look 10X more comfy.

  6. Your furbabies are soooo spoiled. Angel would love you. Lol. Right now she hates me because I refuse to let her on the furniture.

  7. We have two on our bed too. They sneak up on us, especially when it's cold!


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