Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 11 of Being Present - Something Old

Something Old.  I have alot of old things, mainly because my grandma and mom rarely threw anything out, but I think people seem to have the most fun looking at old pictures.  Here's my Something Old:
photo album

lots of old pictures inside..

my great grandma (my grandma's mom)

...another of my great grandma....

my gram when she was younger..... her late 20s here, I think.  Gramma was a looker!


  1. wow I think you look like yoru gram!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Nova - I see the resemblance! Very cool. I love old photos.

  3. I take after my grandma and great grandma more than I do my mom, for sure!!

  4. Oh, what a sheer delight... an old photo album! I love looking at these kinds of pictures. Thanks so much for sharing some of your heritage with us! XOXO


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