Thursday, March 1, 2012

I May Be Crazy, But....

....wait, no.....I'm crazy.  Oh well.

I can't even remember where I left off with the 'Being Present' photo let's just start over with....

" ya doin'?!  omg....I haven't seen you for so long!!  How are the kids?  How's your mama?!  What you makin' for dinner tonight?!"

I haven't felt like talking very much lately, so yay for some caffeine today!

* I'm off my meds (whhaaaaa?!  I KNOW!).   That has been.....uhhh.....interesting.  You know how the quote goes...

*We went camping (STUPID!  My body ain't havin' that mess anymore!). 

*It has been rainy and cloudy here as of late....which has been awesome for me, but my back yard looks like a Sasquatch could be hiding back there:

*I discovered my cat has a heart on her butt:

*....found out that vinegar works well to clean up pee on the carpet....
......aaaaaaand we're all caught up til my next burst o' caffeine....


  1. Awwww your pets are so cute, I tried the camping thing once, I prefer staying home, lol.

  2. Vinegar? It couldn't possibly work as well as Spot Shot!

  3. yup it works I treid vinegar but we no longer have carpet just throw rugs and runners which I hate washing. I wish I had time to camp now but weather sucks. a haert on the butt eh???? well.... wont go any further. yeah our yard is like a jungle and it waint near time to mow. ARGH please tell me PMS is real........... AND FIBRO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your opening on this post reminded me of one of my favorite SNL skits. Mark Wahlberg talks to the animals. Have you seen that? "Say hello to your mother for me." heh heh. If you haven't seen that skit, delete this comment to keep me from looking like an idiot, ok?

    Oh, and say "hi" to your mother for me!

    1. Rachel - I haven't seen it, but because you said 'Mark Wahlberg', you get 1,000 points.

  5. Oh, PMS is real alright, and so is Minnie Paws!


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