Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Like A Lion....

Since I've been feeling all 'pfft'....and the past week (weeks?) has been sad little blog has suffered.  Ah well....let's hope it loves me anyway.

I'm sure you've all been leaning in with bated breath waiting for a recent entry.  No? 

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so this entry is going to be really long! know...not really.

dessert.  I had that chocolate/condensed milk dip at the grocery store.
the one I made was decidedly less yummy, but oh well....I just dipped the strawberries in sugar and ate them like that.

these two...*shakes head*  Violet is just waiting for Bella to jump out of the box so she can chase her.  (Notice the three bites of kibble on the floor.  If I clean it up, Violet will go get three more bites of kibble and put it back there.)

Zely & Ryan getting smarts...

...tired Violet.  Clearly she has a hard exhausting life.

....and the finale.  whatthe.......yes, it's a real peach from my tree.
Everyone cross your fingers that summer does not come in and incinerate that poor tree.

Oh.  and something else that's occured.  The beautiful white dog, Sancho, that you all know and love, has peed on my carpet for the last time.  He finally got neutered. I'll spare you pictures of that.  Just know that there was a Cone of Shame involved.
(and now we end with...[everybody now!] "....and Out Like A Lamb!")


  1. That dinner looked good! And violet is adorable :-) The girls look very peaceful and cozy together in that photo. Awwwww.

  2. Your dinner looks fantastic! I love the three bites of kibble. So funny! Such precious girls! Gorgeous!

  3. AH MAN YOUR GRIL LOOKS GREAT. thats funny bout the cat and dog. So gld your seeing zeley and boy has she grown. wow see if you pee your pants when you sneeze now someone is gonna get neutered!!!!!


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