Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today - June 11, 2012
Outside My Window - the sun is blazing again. 103 is the expected high. It's so hot that I don't hear a sound at all. No birds, no kids, no cars....

I Am Thinking - about getting up for another cup of coffee. This girl needs a little help today....

I Am Thankful For - waking up to my daughter laying next to me asking me to make her headache go away. :) aww....

From The Kitchen - eurgh....I don't want to think about making anything. But.....I know I'll have to eventually. There's ground beef that's thawed, so I'll figure out something using that for dinner...

I Am Wearing - denim capris and a white shirt with grey stripes.

I Am Creating - nothing. My 'want to' has been taken over by my 'have to'. I really used to be very creative. Now, I'm just kind of 'meh' about it.

I Am Going - to the lake at the end of the week to celebrate a late birthday. It's supposed to be 95 degrees by the end of the week.... better than 103, isn't it? I hope there's a strong breeze and abundant shade....

I Am Reading - the closed captioning at the bottom of the TV.  Mob Wives!

I Am Hoping - that this summer is not as hot as I suspect it will be. Temperatures like those affect my mood...and not in a good way. As I get older, I just can't take it..... or maybe each year just keeps getting hotter, I don't know....

I Am Hearing - the cat scuffling around in a box....the hum of the dehumidifier.....canaries chirping and flapping around....

Around The House - trying to get together a couple boxes of stuff to give to Goodwill. I just have too much stuff. Why on earth do I have so. much. stuff?!

One Of My Favorite Things - is waking up when I want to wake up...and not when the dogs decide I should wake up.

Something New About Me - I never get tired of going out to eat. Never.

One Of My Guilty Pleasures - is my soft beautiful bed. Ohhhh, bed....I love you.

Pet Peeves - I don't know that this is a 'peeve', but french manicured toenails freak me out. Why are your toenails that long?! *covers eyes*

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing:
I can't even express how much I love this.
...and so ends the Daybook for this week
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  1. Cracking up about your pet peeve of french manicured toenails! I've never really thought about it much, but they are really odd, aren't they!! :)

  2. Wow, love your pink walls, pretty :)

  3. Thanks for sharing about yourself with us...

    BTW: Now you know what to make with that thawed ground beef ;) LOL!

    I am sure you already made something by now! LOL! ;)


  4. I love going to lakes! I like them even better than the ocean :) I hope you had a great time.

    We just got home from Florida where it was miserably hot. So glad to be back in PA where it is 20 degrees cooler!

    Here's my daybook:


  5. I am so with you on the toenails. ICK!!! I have waaaaay too much stuff too. In my case, it's because I'm poor and may run out of shampoo before we get paid, therefore I must have samples and bottles with just enough for one wash. Same thing goes for clothes, etc. And surely I can find a use for all the other stuff that I never get rid of. What if I need it someday? So sorry about the heat. 103? yuck!


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