Monday, April 22, 2013

The Road To Hell

the road to hell.... paved with good intentions. or so they say....

 good intentions to write in my blog......and then I forgot about it. or I had to bathe the cat. or paint my toes. or wash the windows. (not really about that last one.)

but here I am. because Val (bless her adorable sweet heart) poked me and said "hey....I'm not trying to be up in your kool aid here, sister....but get on with it!" which is totally what I needed. Sure, Facebook is don't need to make a cohesive paragraph on Facebook....but blogging gives me a chance to ramble on a bit. (Oddly enough, in person, I'm not that talkative....but get me a keyboard and blah blah blah blah blah....)

 I suppose I don't really need to play catch up -- same old same old with a chance of rain (I wish!) .........I'm depressed and then I'm not. I'm gaining weight, and then I'm losing it. Eh, such is life.

One good thing to end - it's Spring. Not Summer. (because Summer in Texas can suck it!)


  1. yeah well I can write a blog on fb lol sometimes I gots some long entries. or I do severala day. yeah life never changes...... up down in and out ...... if it holds your sumer may not be as hot we cant get warm as usual this eyar for nuttin

  2. Yeaaaa, you're here! :) I'm so happy to see this from you.

    The weight loss/better health journey has been (always) one of highs and lows for me too. I lost 12 pounds earlier this year and have since gained it back. I need to lose a bunch more than that, so I relate to what you're saying here. Such is life, indeed. But worth it, methinks.

    Much Love,

    Val ♥♥

  3. I so understand how Facebook has eaten your blog. It has eaten mine too.

  4. I too lost a bit of weight and by jings its nice to see my toes again! lol
    Great to see an entry from you Amy! I wish I could become inspired to write more gets in the way these days.
    Happy Spring to you dear girrrrl! xxxx

  5. Amy, always enjoy hearing from you and I am always here to listen, Hugs to you :)


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