Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bountiful Harvest

gardening in Texas is no joke. 
I decided to use my time wisely in the Spring, because come Summer, everything will be dead, brown, and crispy.
the tomatoes are flourishing... but my sad little chile plants are like 'no.'
maybe I'll have to replant those into pots, because I'm thinking the tomatoes are just overpowering them....
There's a cilantro plant in there that's flourishing as well.  I've had notoriously bad luck with cilantro in years past, so this was more of an experiment than anything.
I might entertain the notion of a second raised bed come next year...

....and there's the first harvest.  It was a shock to bend over and see little red orbs just waiting to be picked!  Eating tomatoes warm straight from the garden was something I remember fondly as a kid...too bad none of my kids like tomatoes.  (Well, not really 'too bad'....more for me!)

I'm already planning for kale and/or lettuces come Fall/Winter.  (Pray with me that we skip Summer and go straight into Fall....)


  1. Ooh! A garden tomato is heavenly. If I were there, I'd help you eat them all. :)

  2. Amy!! I'm so glad you stopped by. I haven't seen you for such a long time! Your little garden looks wonderful. I've tried so many times but just don't seem to have a green thumb. Hope all has been well in your world :)

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